Dye with Dignity is a Burning Man theme camp where you can dye your own dust scarf in our beautiful tie-dyed monkeyhut. Cold drinks are on us!

Why silk scarves? Why dying?

Silk scarves are a fashionable playa accessory that can protect you against the nastiest of dust storms. Put one on top of your hardware store mask if it's especially dusty. Dying them yourself allows you to radically express yourself in the color of your choosing.

Dusty Origins
Dye With Dignity was started by one of our members when she wanted to recreate the experience of painting boobies for Critical Tits. She loved the way that body paints mixed to create other colors and went in search of a way that she could do that at home. Unfortunately there aren't many women outside of Burning Man who want their boobs painted. Lucky for us she discovered that Tye-dying silk scarves had a similar effect for her and wanted to bring that experience to the desert as her gift to Burning Man. It was such a success that we're hoping to do it bigger and better for 2014.

Participating All Year Long
The Dye With Dignity website gives allows us to celebrate the Burning Man spirit all year long, offering free information, resources and tutorials on dying with silk. Click on the menu above or the links below to see what we're all about.

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